Links & Commentary Weekend 2/13-15

U.S. Fate 2016
Bernie Sanders Is More Serious on Foreign Policy Than You Think, by Lawrence Korb [Politico]
Since Sanders’[sic] public mention of me, I have been asked repeatedly whether I think his foreign policy positions and experience are sound. I do.

Largest political action committee for peace endorses Bernie Sanders [Common Dreams]
It’s the first time in nearly 25 years that Peace Action PAC (formerly SANE/Freeze) has made a presidential endorsement.

Bernie Sanders Paid More Than $7 Million for One Speech [DKos]
Because, you know, it’s what they offered. The question is, will that money influence the decisions he makes when he’s in the White House? My guess is, “Hell yes!”

Timing of Scalia’s Death a Gift to the Left [Naked Capitalism]

Japan: Fukushima clean-up may take up to 40 years [CNN]

An alarming new study has found that 4 billion – over half the world’s population – don’t have enough water for at least one month of the year, while half a billion experience water scarcity throughout the entire year. [WaPo]

Here’s the story of one community in California, where wells went dry a year ago due to a prolonged drought, and government agencies have been slow to respond. [WaPo]
“It was like the end of the world,” said Yolanda Serrato of East Porterville, Calif.

Revolt of the Peasants
‘Where To Invade Next’ Is the Most Subversive Movie Michael Moore Has Ever Made [The Intercept]

Collapse of the Empire
Bungling the New World Order [Consortium News]
By relying on NATO interventions and other military strategies, the United States is bleeding itself economically and crippling its ability to cooperate with Russia, China and other emerging forces in the multi-polar world, writes ex-CIA official Graham E. Fuller.

Henry Kissinger’s War Crimes Are Central to the Divide Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders [The Intercept]
Many of today’s younger voters have no idea who he is. Dan Froomkin, Washington editor for The Intercept, explains who he is, what he has done, and why we should care. See also:

Kissinger’s Dirty Secrets [Stars Over Washington]
Astrological analysis by Jude Cowell from 2007.