Links & Commentary 2/16/2016

Kicking Dick Nixon’s ghost; you say you want a revolution, yea-a-ah; world-famous writer of ghost stories proclaims Cruz scariest of all candidates.Fate 2016
Was Donald Trump Really Against the Iraq War? [The Atlantic]
Veteran journalist James Fallows writes, “Trump’s prescient opposition to the invasion is an important part of his claim to sound judgment. And he is making it up. I would know.”

Ted Cruz Warns Donald Trump Would Nominate A Liberal Justice [HuffPo]
If Trump becomes president, Cruz says conservatives can kiss their abortion restrictions and gun rights goodbye. Ted, he’d be doing you a favor by outlawing the gun you keep using to shoot yourself in the foot.

Pro-War GOP Boos Donald Trump [Consortium News]
Shocking as it may seem, some liberal leftists are looking at Trump as an alternative to the Clinton war machine. Even more shocking, writer Sam Husseini wrote an entire article without one disparaging remark about Bernie Sanders and his “screwy foreign policy.”

Has the Democratic Party Establishment Rigged the Nomination Process in Clinton’s Favor through the Superdelegate System? [Naked Capitalism]
Not yet. But they can if they want to. They might. And it’s complicated.

The Tragedy of Hillary Clinton (and Her Generation), by Charles Ferguson [HuffPo]
America might just be entering a new era of real social and economic upheaval, with demands for reform on a scale not seen since the Depression. And despite all her brilliance and experience, Mrs. Clinton is now on the wrong side.

Woodward and Bernstein Can’t Stop Comparing Hillary Clinton to Richard Nixon [Mother Jones]
More than 40 years later, the reporting duo keeps going on TV to invoke Watergate.

The Blurb Heard Around the World [HuffPo]
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic presidential debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders on February 11, accused him of writing “a foreword for a book that basically argues voters should have buyer’s remorse when it comes to President Obama’s leadership and legacy.” Bill Press, the author of that book, corrects the record about what Sanders actually wrote. Could Clinton possibly have been this confused?

The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders [The Atlantic]
Political and social change emanate from persistent pressure for a just world, not settling for what is “realistic” before even getting to the negotiating table.

Bernie Sanders’ Phantom Movement [Truthdig]
Chris Hedges doesn’t believe Sanders can deliver the revolution. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he’s not entitled to his own facts. I have yet to read an article by Hedges that doesn’t distort facts about Sanders to support his own position, which essentially is that nothing will change without overthrowing the government. He might be right, but this falls under the “careful what you wish for” warning. Ask the Libyans.

Astrologers predict New Hampshire results: whoever wins will be president [The Guardian]
Since Mars is the god of war, this election lends itself to a warrior, a ‘long distance athlete’ – and the planets have their opinions on who will win
Lots of original comments on this article. Not. Here is a perfect example of why AChron has a special comment policy for astrology. It doesn’t violate that policy, however, to point out that it’s only one astrologer, using a half-assed methodology that he ignores completely to predict Clinton will win the election. According to his own criteria, he should have picked Bernie Sanders, who has a powerful Moon-Mars conjunction in Aries (and he actually was a long-distance athlete in high school). Oh, and he won the New Hampshire primary by the largest margin in history.

Astrologer Lee Lehman doesn’t make any predictions, but she uses a time-honored technique in the astrologer’s toolbox to assess the probable success of the Clinton and Sanders campaigns using the charts for when they declared their candidacy. [Lee Lehman’s blog]

Pleasure Planet
Grammys 2016: The Complete Winners List [Rolling Stone]

Stephen King Talks JFK, Oscars Diversity, and ‘Bulletproof’ Donald Trump [The Daily Beast]
King says Trump leaves him “speechless,” but the really scary part of this election so far is Ted Cruz. I wasn’t a Stephen King fan until he came out with his book on writing. Then I realized what a genius he really was.

Phobos & Deimos
Saudi launches ‘largest’ military exercises in history of region [Middle East Eye]
Riyadh’s 21-nation coalition military drills come as Saudi and Turkey launch separate air defense exercises. The obvious fear is that the Saudis are preparing to launch a ground war in Syria, and there is no question that it would be with U.S. approval. I’m pretty sure this is not what Bernie Sanders meant about the Saudis “getting their hands dirty.”

It’s Not Just Flint. There’s an Ugly History of Lead Poisoning and the Poor in the US. [Mother Jones]
Endangered kids in Flint are just the tip of a vast, toxic iceberg.

Financial Astrology
This week’s financial forecast by Ray Merriman. [The Merriman Market Analyst]
As significant as the changes witnessed in financial markets have been the past few weeks (really, since the start of this year), the potential for long-term cycle reversals are even greater with the long-term planetary cycles that will occur March-June. These signatures not only signify important movements in financial markets, but also in world politics and possibly events of nature.

Red Pill
The Rich and the Rest: Inequality leaves many Americans poor and voiceless, Harvard analysts say. [U.S. News & World Report]
The reality finally is hitting the privileged class: The commons are rallying to storm the Bastille, so better start giving them their share of the cake before it’s too late to avoid the guillotine.

Washington Experiences First Cannabis Recall Due to Pesticides [Ganjapreneur]

Paradigm Shift
All Physics Is Local [The Atlantic]
Einstein’s gravitational waves rest on a genuinely radical idea. “Radical” is a keyword for Aquarius and its planetary ruler, Uranus, which is associated with scientific breakthroughs. There may be implications here for astrology, too. I’m waiting for reviews by astrologers with a background in science.

Blue Pill
Largest Consumer Survey of Its Kind Reveals Most Innovative Products of 2016 [PR Newswire]
Product of the Year Announces 2016 Award Winners