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Gretchen Palm Trees BW-medClinton IT aide gets immunity in e-mail investigation; Bill gets caught breaking election laws; Houston petrochemical storage a disaster waiting to happen; Greenland ice melt; Ray Merriman’s weekly forecast…
U.S. Fate 2016
John Kasich was the only adult on the GOP debate stage. But do Republican voters even want an adult? [The Week]
John who?

Why Ted Cruz will be tapped for VP [The Week]

Clinton chief attacks State Dept. watchdog [The Hill]
The State Department Office of the Inspector General has been monitoring the agency’s compliance with court orders to hand over former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, and it has not been impressed.

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer [The Atlantic]
A former aide to Hillary Clinton has been granted immunity in a criminal investigation, and the FBI is expected to question Clinton herself soon.

Did Bill Clinton violate election rules in Mass.? [Boston Magazine]
Bill’s schmoozing with voters inside the polling places in Massachusetts resulted in complaints to state election authorities, who after checking with the Clinton campaign decided that nothing illegal happened. Even if it had, the infraction would have cost Bill the Clinton Family Slush Fund all of $20 in fines. Cheapest vote they’ll ever buy. Meanwhile, has collected more than 100,000 signatures to have him arrested. Listen up, little people: How many times does Bill have to tell you that you can’t be rational when you’re angry?

Bernie’s Narrow Path to Victory: a Statistical Analysis [CounterPunch]
Doug Johnson Hatlem looks at the numbers and explains how Bernie Sanders could still win. But just in case:

What Will the Sandernistas Do After July? [Ralph Nader, CounterPunch]
Say what you will about Ralph Nader, but like Bernie Sanders, he has an uncanny ability to foresee outcomes that others can’t (or won’t). Hillary Clinton, he points out, is alienating Sanders supporters, who will not go out of their way to help her beat the Republicans in November. What will they do, then? What they can and should do, he says, is to start a real Progressive movement that will push out the Democratic Party in local elections. I’ve been thinking along those lines, too. Whether or not Bernie Sanders wins in November, the revolution has started, and it’s too late to go back.

Propaganda Wars
Why the Critics of Bernienomics Are Wrong [Robert Reich]
Economists argue all the time about models, assumptions, data sources, and conclusions. So it looks entirely legitimate that they don’t agree on Bernie Sanders’s economic plan. Trouble is, if you look at who’s bashing it, it’s not hard to see the pattern. In this brief post, Robert Reich wrong. You need to know the truth, and spread it.

Phobos & Deimos
Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria [Politico]
They don’t hate ‘our freedoms.’ They hate that we’ve betrayed our ideals in their own countries — for oil.
Must-read analysis by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Month in Pictures [Electronic Intifada]
Photos from occupied Palestine during the month of February speak for themselves. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. This causes a crushing pain in my chest.

More than half a million could die as climate change impacts diet [The Guardian]
New research shows global warming’s effect on the quality of food available could kill more than 500,000 people a year around the world by 2050.

Hell and High Water [Pro Publica]
Houston is home to the nation’s largest refining and petrochemical complex, where billions of gallons of oil and dangerous chemicals are stored. And it’s a sitting duck for the next big hurricane.

Greenland’s melting is ‘feeding on itself,’ scientists say [WaPo]

Financial Astrology
Ray Merriman’s forecast for the week beginning
March 17
[MMA Cycles]
You may not like the tone of the 2016 USA Presidential Election, but in typical Saturn/Neptune fashion, it has indeed reached the level of … absurdity. On the positive side, everyone can probably sit back until November now and watch the most entertaining presidential election ever to unfold in the history of the United States. You have to hand it to the Gemini-born-under-a-lunar eclipse, Donald Trump: he has upended the political establishment of the USA in a way that no one has been able to do in a century.

Paradigm Shift
Legal marijuana is finally doing what the
drug war couldn’t
The latest data from the U.S. Border Patrol shows that last year, marijuana seizures along the southwest border tumbled to their lowest level in at least a decade. Like we didn’t predict this? It’s not rocket science.

Blue Pill
The magical thing eating chocolate
does to your brain
Finally, a study concluding that chocolate is the perfect food.

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