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Arizona voters demand a revote; Clinton aide says Sanders will ‘campaign like a Brooklynite’ in New York; Fidel Castro not fooled by Obama visit to Cuba…

U.S. Fate 2016

Can Bernie Sanders Really Win the Nomination? [New Yorker]
I’ll give John Cassidy credit for making a biased article look fair and unbiased. That takes real skill. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing – there’s nothing new in it, anyway – here’s a quick summary: Yeah, he can win, but it will be really, really, really hard, so it’s time for Hillary to start being nice to his supporters, because she will need them to beat Trump.

Clinton campaign: N.Y. won’t change things ‘significantly’ for Sanders [PoliticoNewYork]
On Monday afternoon, a reporter asked Hillary Clinton’s chief political strategist if he could envision a scenario in which Bernie Sanders wins a significant amount of delegates in New York’s April 19 presidential primary.
His answer was long, but its meaning was, “No.”
Then he went on to say that Sanders would “campaign like a Brooklynite.” His intent apparently was to convey that Clinton’s New York pedigree is superior to Sanders’s, because she represented the entire state as a two-term senator, while he was born in Brooklyn but moved to Vermont. However, the comment quickly was misconstrued to mean that the Sanders campaign would be rough and uncivilized, while Clinton’s would be polished and professional.

Sanders campaign: Superdelegates ‘like football recruits’ [Politico]
“I think what’s important to remember here is that superdelegates are kind of like football recruits,” said Symone Sanders in an interview with CNN’s “New Day.” “You know, they say they are coming but until they have signed on the dotted line and they’re in practice, you don’t know that they’re all the way with you and that they’re on your team. And so we think that we still have time to garner support from these superdelegates, especially when we’re winning.”

Trump vs Clinton: Mr. Unfavorable vs Mrs. Unfavorable [John Zogby, Forbes]
Polls show high negativity ratings for Trump, but Clinton’s aren’t that much better, according to veteran pollster John Zogby.

Sanders: ‘Too early’ to talk about supporting Clinton [The Hill]
Sanders has backed off comments that he might throw conditional support behind Hillary Clinton in exchange for her commitment to some of his proposed social programs.

The Daily 202: The Democratic convention in Philadelphia could be messy too [WaPo]

It’s Time for Hillary Clinton to Concede the Democratic Nomination to Bernie Sanders [HuffPo]
How many people reading that headline are going to laugh at how ridiculous it sounds? And yet if the names were reversed – as they have been in many headlines over the past few weeks – how many would even bat an eyelash? I don’t agree with the author that it’s time for Hillary to quit, and I don’t like the sneaky way he suggests she’s under criminal investigation. The F.B.I. has confirmed it is conducting a criminal investigation – that’s a fact – but they have not named Clinton as a target. They haven’t named anyone as the target, although it’s a pretty safe bet they’re looking closely at her top aides. Nonetheless, I appreciate his cleverness in showing how ridiculous it is for Clinton supporters to ask Bernie to give up now.

Sanders sharpens attacks for N.Y. showdown that may dash Clinton’s unity hopes [WaPo]
Another example of The Washington Post‘s bait-and-switch reporting on Bernie Sanders. Rather than leading with an openly anti-Sanders point of view, which turns off Sanders supporters and gives away the Post’s pro-Clinton bias, writers recently adopted a format in which Sanders initially is presented in a positive light, but after a few paragraphs, the tone pivots. All of the positive points are torn down by quotes from Clinton’s team, backed up by cherry picked facts.

Bernie Sanders as Commander-in-Chief [Consortium News]
Like the mainstream media he often calls out for biased coverage, veteran journalist Bob Parry first ignored Bernie Sanders, and when he did begin to take notice, his articles were critical and often based on misinterpretations of what Sanders actually said. So when he writes a positive article like this one, it’s a big deal. He finally seems to be convinced of what I’ve been saying all along: Sanders may be light on foreign policy experience compared to a former secretary of state whose family runs an international “philanthropic” foundation funded by the global billionaires club, but he is not a lightweight. That just hasn’t been his main focus, and that’s the right position to take for a president taking office in an era when 50 percent or more of Americans can’t meet all of their monthly expenses, and the nation is not being directly threatened with military invasion. Put another way, he knows we don’t have a lot of weight to throw around right now, so before we go looking for trouble abroad, we need to get our act together at home.

Morning Joe Blasts the DNC for ‘Rigging’ Primary Against Bernie Sanders [U.S. Uncut]
What’s going on with the corporate media? Maybe some of them are starting to question whether they’ve been had? Or is it for ratings? Bernie Sanders, after all, continually shows up in top Google searches.

Voters call for ‘re-vote’ during hearing into AZ’s botched primary [12 News, Phoenix]
I watched almost the whole video. What a nightmare. Not only did the state try to strip these people of their right to vote, but then they were reprimanded, talked down to, rushed, and dismissed at this sham of a hearing. This is bomb about to explode.

Ralph Nader: Why Bernie Sanders was right to run as a Democrat [WaPo]

Propaganda Wars

A Dozen Reasons Sanders Voters Are Justifiably Angry at the Media Right Now [HuffPo]

Covering Bernie Sanders, as He Keeps His Spirited Campaign Alive [NYT]
Not much news here, but we learn that he can be stubborn and snappish, and that he craves media coverage, as evidenced by how accessible he and his staff are to journalists, unlike Hillary Clinton, who puts a ten-foot pole between her and the press. Oh, and they eat a lot of kiwi fruit onboard, and Bernie couldn’t get Spike Lee to return the writer’s phone call.

Media Unimpressed as Sanders Barely Gets Seventy Per Cent of Vote [New Yorker]

Phobos & Deimos

Since Brussels, There Have Been 2 Deadly Terror Attacks You Probably Didn’t Hear About [U.S. Uncut]
While the corporate media remain focused on the hunt for the attackers in last week’s deadly bombing in Brussels, little attention has been given to even deadlier terrorist attacks in Iraq and Pakistan. This skewed reporting isn’t simply ethnocentric. What it does is to bolster the neoliberal argument that ISIS is an immediate danger to Western civilization, and therefore the United States and its NATO allies must go to war in the Middle East to destroy ISIS. The only two candidates in the U.S. presidential election not advocating military intervention are Bernie Sanders and, ironically, Donald Trump.

ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills 41 at Soccer Game in Iraq [New York Magazine]
There has in fact been coverage of these other events, just not 24/7, like it was for the Brussels attack.

Water cannon used on anti-immigrant protesters in Brussels [The Guardian]
Police repelled a crowd estimated at 200, many wearing masks, at a memorial site in the Place de la Bourse to victims of last week’s attacks.

Brother Obama: Fidel Castro’s Response to Obama’s Statements during His visit to Cuba [Global Research]
Castro wasn’t fooled. He knew exactly what Obama was doing in his country.

France’s tax subsidy on ‘gifts’ to Israeli army [Jonathan Cook]


Is This House Finch Feeling The Bern? [Audubon]
Here’s how the Audubon Society identified the little bird that landed on the podium during Bernie Sanders’s speech in Portland. Audubon probably got more hits with this post than they’ve gotten on urgent calls to protect endangered species. But I was so glad they weighed in. I wouldn’t know a house sparrow from a house finch if they landed on my head.

Red Pill

Millennials Like Socialism — Until They Get Jobs. Or Until a Pollster Tells Them That It Would Mean Tax Increases But Doesn’t Tell Them, for Example, That the Tax Increases Would Replace Healthcare Insurance Premiums and Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses. And Doesn’t Tell Them That “More Government Services” Means Something Other Than, Say, Trash Collection Twice a Week Instead of Once a Week. [Naked Capitalism]

Collapse of the Empire

All Hell Is Breaking Loose at Arizona Election Fraud Hearing [U.S. Uncut]
People were angry and became increasingly agitated by the condescending, dismissive tone of the committee chairwoman. More than one speaker blamed the problems with voter registration on electronic tampering, which he suspected came allies of the Clinton campaign. This is a ticking time bomb.

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