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From the Political Astrology Files

A collection of past articles using astrology to analyze political events, personalities, and nations.


Was It Astrology, Or Does Hillary Have a ‘Sixth Sense?’
Bill says she does, and it helped him. But could she have had a campaign adviser with a ‘unique skill set’ and managed to keep it a secret?
America to Trump: You’re Hired
Just like the pollsters, astrologers missed this big time. Still, Trump’s natal chart explains a lot, and we can use it to make some predictions about his first 100 days in the White House.
The Bern Insurgency
When Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president, the media laughed. A year later, he has changed the race and the political landscape for years to come.

New Chart for Hillary Clinton’s “Official” Official Campaign Launch
Only Hillary could launch a campaign twice and find a way to call them both “official.” How do the charts compare?


Israel IndependenceThumbRevisiting Israel’s Chart Amid Fear of Third Intifada
With a new wave of violence in Israel, astrologers will be analyzing charts. The question is, which one should we be using for Israel? Overlooked sources suggest that the midnight chart is indeed the correct one.


The ‘Outing’ of Ophiuchus: What It Means for Humanity
For two days in January 2011, Ophiuchus made international headlines as the “newly discovered” 13th sign of zodiac.  Astronomers and the media gleefully ridiculed astrologers as ignorant of science and astronomy, but it was the scientists who had it wrong. This story sets the record straight.