Hillary’s Campaign Re-Launch

Hillary Clinton on June 13 announced the official launch of her campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

But wait … didn’t she do that two months ago?

Clinton explains that her earlier launch was just a “ramp-up” phase, and most of the mainstream media are dutifully reporting it that way, Continue reading Hillary’s Campaign Re-Launch


The Bern Insurgency

I have to admit that I’m taking a wicked amount of pleasure watching the news media flail about trying to explain how a Socialist upstart from a state known for maple syrup and a ban on billboards could have interrupted the “inevitable” election of the long-presumed next president of the United States.

When Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced last April that he was running for president, he gave fair warning: “People should not underestimate me.” Continue reading The Bern Insurgency

Introducing The Aquarius Chronicles

Dear Reader:

Welcome to The Aquarius Chronicles, the site where news and political commentary are presented with an understanding of how long-term outer planetary cycles are reflected in events on earth.

Why Aquarius? In the symbolism of the zodiac, Aquarius represents experimentation, innovation, and revolution. In Aquarius is a spark of inspiration, the spontaneous synthesis of thoughts into a concept greater than the sum of its parts. Aquarius often is described as quirky and eccentric, but only because it’s ahead of the mainstream and thus “out of step.”

A global revolution is taking place, socially, politically, and economically. The Aquarius Chronicles aims to be a revolutionary approach to reporting on the revolution.