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This is where you get the lecture about how to behave like a civilized person while interacting with others on this site.

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Astrology is a major component of The Aquarius Chronicles. Honest discussion about methodology and interpretation is encouraged. Skepticism is OK when accompanied by a curious and open mind.

Ridicule and insults are not OK. And it’s not like we haven’t heard all of the arguments before. There are only so many ways you can say, “Astrology is a bunch of bunk” and, “If you believe the planets cause things to happen on Earth, you’re a dumbfuck.” Comments of this nature will be deleted.

Comments whining about censorship also will be deleted. As a journalist, I firmly oppose censorship. However, this is my space, and I will moderate as necessary to ensure that the conversation remains constructive, informative, and respectful.

In short, commenting on this page is a privilege, not a right. You wouldn’t go to a friend’s house for dinner and hurl abuse at one of her guests for talking about astrology. Then, maybe you would … in which case, you’ll find plenty of folks to pick a fight with on Facebook.