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Fifty Ways To Say ‘No Comment’

Despite dragging on for more than five hours, Monday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian “active measures” to influence the 2016 presidential election produced less than two minutes of real news, and all in the first hour.

Even so, it was a veritable feast for opponents of President Donald Trump and enough to fuel an entire news cycle. And it was more than most in the media expected, given that the two key witnesses, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers, weren’t likely to reveal Continue reading Fifty Ways To Say ‘No Comment’


Oh, Dem Golden Curtains…

Donald Trump’s first order of business in the Oval Office wasn’t replacing Obamacare, but replacing Obama’s muted red drapes with over-the-top gold curtains. It was red meat for Trump’s detractors, who derided the new décor as tacky, garish, “dictator chic” – not to mention his disrespect for the Obamas, who hadn’t even left Washington yet. It was terribly funny, but not for the reason you might think. Hiding behind those curtains is a story. Continue reading Oh, Dem Golden Curtains…