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Oh, Dem Golden Curtains…

Donald Trump’s first order of business in the Oval Office wasn’t replacing Obamacare, but replacing Obama’s muted red drapes with over-the-top gold curtains. It was red meat for Trump’s detractors, who derided the new décor as tacky, garish, “dictator chic” – not to mention his disrespect for the Obamas, who hadn’t even left Washington yet. It was terribly funny, but not for the reason you might think. Hiding behind those curtains is a story. Continue reading Oh, Dem Golden Curtains…


Upgrading Your Critical Thinking Cap

One of my goals in launching this blog is to encourage people to think more critically about the news.

Inundated by a toxic wave of partisan journalism, government propaganda, and just plain sloppy reporting, readers have to apply filters, or they’d be overwhelmed to the point of insanity. Continue reading Upgrading Your Critical Thinking Cap